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What is DPMedia?

DPMedia strives to empower youth by building strong relationships and connections using media. DPMedia is a pathway, not an academy, which means our program is flexible and students can take as many classes as they want, alongside one of DP’s academies if they choose. We are a Career Technical Education program, which means that students will use they many skills they learn in our classes in future workplace experiences. Students who are a part of a DPMedia class use the skills they learn not only in a media profession, but in any career. Students learn in a variety of ways, such as project based learning, hands on experiences, and presentations from many people already in the media workplace. Students in some of our classes receive free college credit, as some of our courses qualify for dual-enrollment credit at Santa Barbara City College.

Featured Student Work

Our Programs


A video production class that produces a completely student run news show that airs to the entire school, primarily focused on school announcements. Students are trained on how to use video equipment, write scripts, use our professional grade studio equipment, and they receive studio production and field production college credit from Santa Barbara City College.

The Image

A nationally accredited yearbook program that is recognized as one of the top 25 yearbook programs in the country. Students learn moderate photography skills, story writing, layout design, and problem solving skills that can be used in the future for all kinds of purposes. Students also receive two semesters of college credit from Santa Barbara City College.

The Charger Account

The Charger Account is the award winning student newspaper of Dos Pueblos High School. Though the Charger Account has been merged with DPNews and no longer has a separate class, students still will have the opportunity to cover events, learn how to write engaging stories, and learn basic web design as The Charger Account is a primarily online newspaper.

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